60 % of infants killed in accidents would have survived with correctly applied child seats*

We support parents in travelling safely with their children.

elli foundation is a private funded initiative of Liberta Kids gGmbH, an independent youth welfare organization. Since 2016, we launch innovative projects to inform and advise Georgian parents on the impact, selection and usage of child seats, In social hard cases, we directly support parents to finance the right seats – via grants or donations.

* WHO Global Health Report 2018

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Since 2016, elli foundation has implemented various innovative projects to increase the usage of child seats in Georgia.

The team is approaching this very important issue with diligence and strong competence. I shared a lot of important information in the process of selecting the seats. I have chosen car seats that meet all my requirements. With your help my kids feel comfortable in the child restraint while I travel quietly. Thank you very much and good luck.

Natik Verdzadze

A very big recommendation from me to this group! They write the answer exhaustively, help you to solve such problems which are not only about fixing Car Seat in the car and so on… It is a very charming and thoughtful team. Good luck to them!

Niniko Beradze
Your car seat provides us with information about safe travel completely free of charge. There are so many nuances, that I didn’t even know about and thanks to them I learned a lot of details. A huge recommendation from me. I gained even more confidence after they wrote to me and checked how safe the baby is travelling and whether I follow the rules correctly. They taught me everything in detail. You can write them for help to select the right car seat for your kid.
Elene Makatsaria




Andreas Apeldorn
Andreas ApeldornCEO & Design Thinking Enthusiast
Children must be able to travel safely. As parents, it´s on us.
Nino Gogotishvili
Nino GogotishviliFounder, Pedagogue & Family Coach
No kid in Georgia should die because its parents did not provide a child seat.
Mark Mauerwerk
Mark MauerwerkCloud Architect & Digitalization Evangelist
Let’s find solutions on how digalization can help keep children safer.
Khatuna Khajomia
Khatuna KhajomiaPsychologist & Family Coach
No parents should see their child die and know that they could have prevented it.
Nino Okromelidze
Nino OkromelidzeSocial Media Manager & Expert for Child Safety
As a parent, I know what it means to use child seats. To keep your child safe everywhere you go.
Lana Giorgidze
Lana GiorgidzeSocial Media Manager & Expert for Child Safety
I am always ready to help parents – how to choose and use best seats. I wish all kids were safely.

At least 60% of children killed in accidents would have survived with correctly applied child seats.

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