More than 100 georgian children died in accidents in the past 4 years. More than 5000 where injured.

In the Global Status Report of Road Safety from 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that child restraint systems are highly effective in reducing injury and death to child occupants for at least 60%. To increase the usage of child seats, the WHO therefore strongly recommends to review child restraint laws to international good practice standards.

Georgia has no National Child Restraint Law. It is one of the countries where child seats are not required. The transport of a child sitting on the knees of an adult is allowed.

But is the lack of a child restraint law really the only reason why parents do not use child seats?

Our Mission: no kid in Georgia should die because its parents did not provide a child seat.

No matter if there is a law.

children are injured, and
are killed. Every year.
of these kids would have survived with correctly applied child seats.


Parents have an intrinsic motivation to protect the lives of those they love most. However, they often struggle with basic questions:

What is the benefit of using a child seat? How does a child seat protect my child? What is the right size category for my child? Which are recommended products and brands? Where can I find good dealers? Which seats fit in my car? Should I use used car seats? How do I use the car seat correctly?

We talk with parents to understand their issues. And we use state-of-the-art technologies and agile methods such as design thinking to innovate, develop, operate and improve service offerings for parents and children.

For all age groups of children – from babies to toddlers to schoolchildren.

And for every phase and every situation in which parents need support to transport their children safely.